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Custom Design, Bringing Sites Up To Code, Setting layout-design free from tables...

Tutorials and Articles.

  • Everything you wanted to know about Block Formatting Contexts
  • Everything you know about clearfix is wrong
  • Starter CSS files versus reset styles sheets
  • Installing Wordpress on Windows 7 using Microsoft® Web Platform Installer
  • How to achieve alpha transparency in IE 6 without the need of an HTTP request
  • How to give videos an intrinsic ratio.
  • How to fix the ABBR element in Internet Explorer.
  • Definition Lists: saving DLs one at a time.
  • How to create float-less CSS layouts.
  • How to create light weight drop shadow boxes.
  • How to contain floats without structural markup.
  • Hacking the YUI container script.
  • z-index: how elements stack.
  • Using CSS Sprites with my Image Replacement Technique.
  • Semantics, unobtrusive scripting and beyond.
  • The truth about Spry tabbed panels.
  • How to fix the centered em-based layout bug.
  • How to style a code listing with numbers showing in a gutter.
  • How to use CSS to style a gallery of thumbnails with captions that flow.
  • How to position LEGEND elements.
  • How to expand ABBR elements.
  • Create Validation Links on-the-fly.
  • How to display an HTML List like a table.
  • Pure CSS Dropdown Menus that are browser, search-engines, screen-readers and keyboard-friendly.
  • Using the DOM to plug images in Menus.
  • An alternative to innerHTML.
  • The perfect Drop Cap.
  • A perfect Image Replacement technique.
  • Images in Blockquotes.
  • PNG overlay made easy.
  • The perfect Menu.
  • The perfect Photo Gallery.
  • Boiler-plate Accessibility Statement.
  • Keeping track of navigation state.
  • The perfect FAQ page.
  • A smart way to implement Accesskeys.
  • Fluid CSS Layouts (hack-free).
  • Say no to CSS hacks.
  • CSS disjointed rollovers.
  • CSS scalable tabs.
  • CSS Dropdown menu.
  • Three-column fluid CSS layout.
  • TIP (an alternative to the FIR method).
  • Popup Windows with no extra markup and more.
  • And more...

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