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TJKDesign Site Requirements


We have worked really hard to make this site "JavaScript free". Our navigation menu, our disjointed rollovers and our styles switcher do not need script support.

If clicking a link inside (other than the one that says "Site Requirements" at the bottom of the pages) brought you here, it means your browser does not support JavaScript or is W3C DOM challenged. It is unfortunately not possible for us to come up with an alternative to the very few pages within this site that use what is called Client-Side scripts, either because these documents demonstrate JavaScript techniques (i.e. our article on the location object) or because they need Script support to compute or manipulate user input (i.e. our Frames Quiz and our Layout Editor).

Take note The thrid party shopping cart solution used on this site is not "XHTML Strict" compliant unless JavaScript is used (because of the target attribute). We had the choice of changing DTD declaration or relying on JavaScript - we went for the latter.

Screen Resolution

We have no special requirements concerning screen resolution. We're using a 3 column fluid layout that can be reduced to 2 or even 1 single column to accomodate small screen resolutions. To remove the right column, click on the last icons at the top right corner of this window (click on #3 - #7 to bring that third column back). To toggle the left column, click on the narrow image that says: "show/hide" (next to the navigation menu).

Tip: to see only the main content of a page, you may use the "print preview" link at the top of each document and then use the browser's back button to return to "normal view".

Take note There is one exception to our "no screen resolution requirement": our Layout Editor is a complex frameset that requires a lot of "real estate".


You should have no problems browsing these pages using the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Win 5 & 6
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Mac 5
  • Netscape 4, 6 & 7
  • Mozilla
  • FireBird
  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • Camino
  • Opera 7

You may experience some strange behaviors with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and earlier
  • Opera 6

Browsers support is really important to us. Please use our contact form to let us know if you're browsing this site with UAs not listed here, or if you are experiencing any problems.

Please note that look and page content may differ depending on browser type and version.


The Flash plugin is not needed to access information on this site.


Cookies need to be enabled or the styles switcher (icons at the top right-corner of this window) won't be able to keep track of your preferences related to text-size and layout.