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A serious big thank you for your help. Have looked at your code, been daunted, and impressed.

Cam Flanigan,
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Need a website?

We build 'em. But so do lots of people. What sets us apart is how we build them. Here's what we can offer you:

Custom Design:

Built from scratch to order. Whether it's e-commerce, dynamic dataflow with state of the art navigation or just plain old static web pages, we have your solution. And for a more cost-efficient solution, we can even build your site from one of our professional templates.

Bringing It Up To Code:

Perhaps you have what you feel is a decent design and you just want it to be "standards compliant". We do that too! We'll remove a few tags here and fix deprecated markup there, and your website will be good as new in no time.

You may use the box below to check any other site:
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Depending on the site and your connection speed, this may take some time.

Setting your layout-design free from tables:

We can help you to achieve complete separation of structure and presentation, and remove every single table that does not store tabular data.

All our designs are standards compliant with the W3C

Why is that important?
Excerpt from the W3C:

"Using valid HTML means having an HTML code that follows one of the DTDs of the HTML specification. Your best choice is valid XHTML strict markup: XHTML means that the code will benefit from all the XML power, and strict ensures your site won't mix presentation markup with the structure."

What you should include in your requirements List?

"Valid HTML code is a first step toward more compatibility with browsers and better rendering on the latest ones. Using only strict HTML (that is, the Strict HTML DTD) makes the site easier to maintain and evolve."

What you should include in your requirements List?

"On the Web, being up-to-date with the latest technologies is a difficult exercise: choosing the wrong tool or architecture can lead to losses in money, time, or customers."

For a more powerful Web site.

For a free quote on any work you'd like done, you may fill out this form or e-mail us at: