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When you pair Thierry's vast knowledge and expertise of browser compatibility and CSS with his attentiveness and ability to problem solve the most obscure and stubborn issues, you get a client experience that cannot be duplicated. From the moment our re-designed site was launched we have received a continuous stream of accolades about his enhanced usability and performance. Thierry is a true master of his craft.

Matt Daimler, CEO - (Washington, USA)

I find your approach to browser compatibility issues to be excellent for the more complex layouts you exhibit...

Ben Houghton, Web Designer - The Press Association (London, UK)

A serious big thank you for your help. Have looked at your code, been daunted, and impressed.

Cam Flanigan, Web Developer - YourVirtualStore (Melbourne, Australia)

Thierry was able to take a very challenging layout problem for and quickly turn around a valid, accessible and cross-browser compatible template. His clean and elegant code jump started the production for a major online section, and provided design solutions that we were able to reuse across other areas of Thierry knows his stuff.

Jon Schreiber - Tech Lead (California, USA)

After wasting time and dollars working with other designers, it was a pleasure to work with TJK Design. Thierry helped us produce a great design, and gave us an education in web standards and accessibility along the way. I'd recommend TJK Design to anyone that is interested in developing a website that places user experience first.

Anthony Constantino, Owner - The Noteworthy Company (New York, USA)

We went to TJK Design because we needed help from an expert who would make our lives easier and make our websites look great. Thierry Koblentz not only listened to what we wanted but exceeded our requirements by recommending methods to improve usability, accessibility and scalability via CSS (maybe sometimes in spite of what I initially specified but definitely to our eventual benefit). I have been working on the Internet since 1978 (when it was called the ARPANet) and I really appreciate true experts like Thierry who can guide any of us toward the most elegant solutions.

Dr. Kirk Wilson, CEO - World Partner Network (California, USA)

TJK Design's solution has enabled us to both meet mandated targets and provide needed functionality for our disabled users. We have just undergone a period of testing with some users with visual impairments and one of the issues identified was the need for access keys. Whilst Thierry's is not the only solution around, it is the only one that I understand and that I can make work.

Julian Scarlett, Web Projects Manager - Eden District Council (Penrith Cumbria, UK)

What a wonderful job! We are truly impressed by your level of expertise.

Scott Mosher, IT Consultant - Maverick Retail Advisors (California, USA)